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Hello there

My name is Elif. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband Ed. We are the humans of a sweet fluffball of a little spaniel named Cody. We try to tackle life with lots of positivity, love, compassion as well as humor.

For the past 15 yrs we have been running a pretty successful daycare & preschool. This is where my photography journey began. As an added benefit I started taking pictures of the kids so the parents would see the little day to day moments that are all too fleeting with growing children. Eventually I upgraded my point and shoot camera to a more professional one. We had our first photo shoot with the kids.

It quickly became my passion. Little did I know back then how much photography would teach me, how it would enrich my life..and how perfectly it would enable me to capture the magical essence of children. I fell in love with photography and it changed my world forever.

I would love the opportunity to be your photographer.

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