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Styled Couture Sessions

Sometimes I get asked why I offer these elaborate, almost over the top dresses in my photography sessions.


Ask yourself: how do YOU feel when you get dressed up for a special occasion? Your hair is is done, your carefully chosen outfit fits like a glove, your shoes match perfectly..and as you look at yourself in the mirror, you have a sparkle in your eyes. You feel like a million bucks. It’s such a confidence boost.


It’s the same for the kids. This world is so hard to navigate for little girls with all that they are constantly bombarded with. Commercials, shows, movies, books, their peers, and now on top of it there is YouTube...relentless messages to be stronger, braver, smarter, better, faster, more beautiful and so much advice how to change in order to achieve the impossible.


Putting on a super pretty dress that we picked together just for them, styled with accessories that match their personality, having fun and feeling like a princess is a really nice confidence boost. A styled couture session is not just a photo shoot. It’s an experience. It's empowering, confidence boosting and it’s so much fun.


While taking their pictures we always talk about things too. I ask them about their favorite things about themselves, what they are good at, what they love to do...and it always becomes very evident, even to themselves, that they are incredible. That their beauty shines from within.


Feeling amazing about yourself is one of the most important things in life. Then when they get their pictures of their session, they not only love how they look but are also reminded that they are absolutely perfect in every single way, just the way they are.

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